How to Make the Most of Your Local Farmer’s Market

Local farmer’s markets are a great way to buy fresh produce and goods at reasonable prices. An added bonus is getting to soak up the fresh air and getting a little exercise. If you aren’t a regular farmer’s market shopper, learning the ins and outs of this activity can allow you to make the most of your visit.

5 Tips for Shopping at a Farmer’s Market

  1. Use the market’s website: Before you head to the farmer’s market, check to see if they have a website or Facebook page. Many often post a map with the location of every vendor. You can also use a map to locate handicapped parking, or find spaces near the vendors you are most interested in.
  2. Shop at different times: Depending on when your local market is open, there might be optimal times to shop. In most cases, the earlier you arrive the better your odds for getting popular items before they are sold out. On the other hand, shopping during the last thirty minutes before the market closes might earn you a few bargains. Vendors may offer a reduced price so they don’t have to pack up everything and haul it back home.
  3. Wear proper footwear: While sandals are a fun way to make a fashion statement during warmer weather, many don’t offer much foot or ankle support. Uneven sidewalks and pavement can present a fall risk, especially without proper footwear. Instead, opt for sneakers or walking shoes.
  4. Bring cash and your own bags: Another shopping tip to make your farmer’s market excursion go more smoothly is to bring cash and reusable bags. Farmers and other vendors will appreciate not having to pay credit card fees. And bringing your own bags is an environmentally friendly market must. Depending upon how far away you park, you can run a bag back to the car when it gets too heavy.
  5. Get to know the farmers: Our final tip to help you make the most of shopping at a local farmer’s market is to get to know the farmers. Ask them for tips on how to make the fresh flowers last longer or how to prepare and serve produce, such as kohlrabi or black radish, that you may not be familiar with. Building a relationship with the farmers may also make it easier to score popular items that go quickly.
Independent and Safe

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