Allergy Relief Advice from Life Protect 24/7

Don’t let seasonal allergies get you down. Try these home remedies and spring into relief this season with Life Protect 24/7!

Spring has sprung into full swing, and with it comes lots of pollen, mold growth, and dust if you're cleaning. For the millions of Americans suffering from allergies, blossoming plants and grass aren't welcome sights; they're reminders of congestion, inflammation, and general misery that's sure to follow. Fortunately, Life Protect has some tips to help you get through the worst of it!

First, there's the obvious but overlooked: How's the air in your home? We spend most of our time there, and accumulated dust and pollen in sheets, bedding, furniture upholstery, and air filters will exacerbate any small allergic reaction. Clean your bed sheets weekly to remove any dust accumulations, and replace or clean your air conditioning filters more often this time of year. Dust can hide everywhere, so consider a thorough vacuuming all over the house. A clean home is as happy home, especially when you're allergy free.

Here's a sweet solution for you: raw, unfiltered, local honey. Farmers markets and health food stores often stock local honey in season, and some studies suggest in raw form it's great against pollen allergies. Raw honey contains living enzymes that help protect against increased histamine levels. However, it has to be raw and in season for maximum benefit, it won't do much against other non pollen allergens. Still, this can be an easy remedy for many individuals, especially if they like toast.

Sinus rinses like Neti Pots or other nasal irrigation treatments are popular too. Found at most pharmacies, sinus rinses use a bottle filled with saline solution that is gently flushed into one nostril and comes out the other. It's an easy way to remove dust and other irritants, plus dislodge any excessive mucus you might have in your nose. It's also extremely useful against congestion. Remember to only use distilled water, as tap water contains organisms and sediment that can be harmful.

If nothing else seems to work, try a shower or steam bath. If you're living with allergies, you're probably covered in what’s causing them too. A rinse can wash off any dust or pollen on you or in your hair, and showering before bed will keep you from bringing all those lovely allergens into your sheets to cuddle with you all night long. For an added kick, try a bit of eucalyptus oil to a bath or vaporizer. Eucalyptus essential oils are great for clearing airways, and may even have antibacterial properties too!

As with all allergy remedies, consult your doctor or physician first before attempting. Sometimes we mistake allergic reactions for other symptoms, especially if you live in an area prone to farming or agriculture production. Hopefully these tips make for an enjoyable spring, where itchy eyes and stuffy noses are a thing of the past for you!