Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about your product. How does it work?+

You simply press the SOS button and you are instantly connected to one our Care Specialists through the medical alert unit. We will assist you in getting the help you need in any medical emergency or security issue. Our system provides excellent assistance and peace of mind for you and your family.

Once the button is pressed, does the call go directly to 911?+

That’s a great question. We can contact 911 immediately if that’s what you want. You may also choose a different set of instructions it’s up to you. When you receive the system, you will set instructions for us to follow and that’s what we will do if you do press the button. The choices are all yours.

Is the system automatically tested or do I have to test it?+

We recommend that you push your SOS button at least once a month to test your unit for further reassurance.

What if I need to press my button in a non-emergency situation?+

You can press your button anytime you're not feeling well. We will contact whomever you wish and in whatever order you desire.

Do I have to program it when it arrives?+

No we take care of that, however, if you have any questions when the system arrives feel free to call us. Our customer service number will be provided in your Welcome Packet along with your equipment.

Do you operate your own monitoring center?+

Yes. Our company utilizes UL listed monitoring centers, staffed with highly trained care specialists at their secure facilities. From these state of the art centers, they monitor customers from all across the US.

Are your Medical Alert Care Specialists fully trained and qualified?+

All of the specialists complete 180 hours of classroom training before they ever take a phone call. All medical alert care specialists are CSAA (Central Station Alarm Association) certified. These specialists exceed the highest standard for monitoring center personnel, plus supervisors are always present to ensure that calls are handled properly.

Is the Medical Alert facility open 24 hours a day?+

Yes, our professional Care Specialists are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle your emergencies or any security issue.

If I call for emergency help, what happens?+

Your emergency call for help will be quickly answered by a highly trained Care Specialist. The Care Specialist will communicate with you directly through the system and contact your local 911 operator who will then dispatch emergency responders. Our Care Specialist will also immediately notify your emergency contacts who are listed in your records, and will stay on the medical alert system with you until help arrives.