Spokane Police Officer Makes Christmas Possible for Families in Need

Not all families are able to celebrate Christmas with an abundance of food, gifts, or family.  For those less fortunate this holiday season, even simply affording gifts for kids can be impossible.  Police officer Traci Ponto in Spokane, WA decided to do something about that.  She visited four houses that weren’t naughty this year, giving gift cards so they could buy presents for their kids.

Many of the recipients were brought to tears.

“Last night me and my husband were just talking about what we were going to do...this helps a lot.” said Wendy Adams Johnson, a mother and wife who was worried about what she and her husband were going to do for Christmas.


This heartwarming example is more than just giving gifts and leaving to the next door.  Interactions like this bridge the divide that exists between police and the citizens they serve, and reminds us of the humanity that exists between both police and citizen.  Our hats are off to you, Officer Ponto for the job well done and for being a role model to officers across the nation.  Keep it up!