Preventing Falls In The Home

Tips to reduce slips and falls in the house can't be overemphasized.  Complement your home safety plan with a Life Protect 24/7 medical alert system

Falls Among Seniors: A Growing Number

According to the CDC, senior falls are a growing problem that few are aware of because so few seniors talk about it with anyone:

  • 1 in 4 over age 65 falls each year, but less than half admit it.
  • Out of those who fall, 3 million will seek emergency medical treatment.
  • 1 in 5 falls results in a serious injury, such as a broken bone or head injury.

So, what can be done to reduce the risk of a fall?

Check Your Medications

As modern medicine progresses, so too does our understanding of how medicines affect us. It seems side effect labels keep getting longer every year too, as new medications are created. “May Cause Dizziness” is one common side effect you'll want to be aware of, it can make the entire floor feel like it's moving.

Enlist A Physical Therapist

If suffering from recurring conditions that inhibit movements, sharp joint and muscle pains, or constant soreness, talk to a physical therapist. They're trained to understand how the human body moves and can help improve your movement. The easier it is to move, the less likely you are to fall. Limber joints and muscles may also help you absorb a fall unscathed.

Get An Eye Or Ear Checkup

Both eyes and ears are extremely important in preventing falls. Believe it or not, certain parts of our inner ear actually aid us in balance. We also rely heavily on our eyesight when standing upright, so take care of your eyes and ears by scheduling a checkup with your doctor!
Try Yoga

Yoga is a full body low-intensity stretch workout that offers more class varieties that most college universities. We know; it sounds hippy, like some flash in the pan trend or bragging point on social media, but yoga is great for core strength, flexibility, restoring inner balance and getting back in shape.

Aside from normal yoga, there's hot yoga, cold yoga, beer yoga, dog yoga, senior yoga, couples yoga, so on and so forth. The point is unconventional exists, so you can be sure to find a style that suits you.


Involve loved ones by listening to their concerns and creating no-slip solutions with their needs in mind. While we might have their best interests at heart, preserving a person's independence (as our products are intended to do) means respecting their right to decide what's best for themselves.

Get A Grip

With a large number of slips occurring in the bathroom or kitchen, grip tape on the inside of a tub or on slick floors can literally be a lifesaver. Wear footwear indoors to save your feet from hidden furniture stubs and Lego bricks. Or at the very least opt for grip socks, because who doesn't love taking their shoes off indoors?

Add a Medical Pendant

You can't plan for everything, especially the unknown. A Life Protect medical alert pendant accounts for the unexpected when it's least expected. Give Us a Call Today at 1-844-203-5617.