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“ Agents are not only kind, they are very efficient. I have used the service for 6 high stress crises, one of which I was having stroke like symptoms and rapidly lost my ability to speak and experienced intense confusion. With life protect I pressed one button & at the time I did not know if I would have been able to dial 911. The other times I have used life protect was to help other people in traffic accidents where the stress level was quite high. The simplicity of pressing one button makes all the difference when people are injured and traffic is heavy. Another reason I purchased life protect because of a period of nefarious activity in the neighborhood and wanted to be able to press one button and know that Emergency Services would be here to help. I deeply appreciate Life Protect 24/7 and the professionals that serve us! Thank you all at Life Protect 24/7!! ”

— Mark Castoreno

“ I think Life Protect is fabulous. I love the way you stay connected with me until help had arrived, even though my son was home with me. This let me know that you really care about your customers. ”

— Beverly Cole

“ I love my Life Protect because the service is warm and friendly and helpful and the dispatchers are very reliable and professional. Moreover the EMT response has been quick and timely. Life Protect is very inexpensive and affordable. Conventional to own and very versatile. They have saved my life three times over. I just love my Life Protect unit. ”

— Thomas Law

“ Very very helpful and friendly. Great company. The gentleman that took my order was extremely nice and truly made me feel great for doing this for my parents and my 95 yr young Grandma. Also JoAnn was wonderful when I called customer service to get second monitor. Very satisfied customer! ”

— Gina Liston

“ I have worn this unit for several years. Dec of 2016 I changed clothes and failed to put on my security necklace. I fell outside that night in 22-degree weather wearing only a gown. Took me 2 1/2 hours to get up and inside my home. I vowed I would never be without my security unit again. I have fallen and had 2 accidents in a short span of time and Life Protect 24/7 responded in seconds and sent help to me. I have encouraged all my relatives and friends that live alone to have the security of a device to make sure they can get help when the need arrives. I will never be without this protection and security. ”

— Phyllis Copenhaver

“ I am 86 years old and live alone. After a broken hip and femur this past Spring, my son signed me up for the Life Protect 24/7 Med Alert system. Because of my Life Protect 24/7 I can continue to live an independent life and have confidence help is just a push of a button away 24 hours a day 7 days a week! I would recommend Life Protect 24/7 to anyone ”

— Nobuko Brosch

" Hearty congratulations to my new friends who created the easiest and most intelligent EZ CARE USER’S GUIDE to install. I’m 86, a widow, and did it myself in less than five minutes. A blessing on your heads! I’m sure an elementary school child could install it in no time too. I am happy to be a new subscriber! "

— Marjorie Hirshan

“ I received the Life Protect 24/7 medical alert system from my daughter in-law and I appreciate it very much. It just takes a flick of the button and I am talking with a friendly person. The salespersons were helpful, courteous and I would definitely recommend this service to anyone that’s looking have peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. ”

— James Hall

Write a Review for Life Protect 24/7

Your review may be posted publicly on the web.

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