Comparing Phones And Pendants

Phones and medical alert devices serve different purposes, every household has room for both. Peace of mind costs less than you think with Life Protect.

With cell phones glowing in the hands of virtually every senior, some wonder why they need a medical alert device when you can also have a camera, internet connection, Bluetooth, SMS, 4G and facetime in the palm of your hand instead. Many opt for the smartphone, but it's really an apples and oranges comparison that can mean a life and death difference.

  • Neither was designed as a solution for the other, and it's why having an emergency device in addition to your smartphone will only make you safer.

The mistake comes from comparing features, instead of ease of function. Try swiping to unlock your phone, entering your password, dialing 9-1-1, sharing your location, and then notifying your family while incapacitated because of a broken hip and head injury. It's not an impossible feat, but that's assuming you even have your phone on you.

  • If you're reading this article at a home computer, how far away is your phone if disaster struck right now?

Even if you're never apart from your digital window to the world, what happens if you’re dazed from a head injury or stroke? Dialing a phone number may be more than you can manage during a life-threatening situation, no matter your determination.

The truth is our phones aren't useful to us around the house, where most accidents are statistically more likely to happen. And that's where a medical alert device from Life Protect 24/7 comes in. Our alert pendants were designed to be comfortably worn at all times on a belt, or around the neck.

  • Take your alert pendant anywhere, it's even waterproof!

Consider the bathroom. Slips and falls are more likely to happen there. Cell phones are not water resistant and unlikely to be within your reach after a fall in the tub. Our wearable monitors are waterproof and shock resistant.

  • Smooth response at the press of a button, without compromise or issue.

It's about being prepared. Cell phones can call 9-11, but who will call your kids, or emergency contacts? Our operators know who to call and where you're located. What happens when emergency services have to break down a door or window to get inside? Not to worry, our secure lockboxes can let them in without costing dozens of minutes in delays and property damage too.

  • Add Life Protect To Your Life Today!

It's not a matter of choosing between a medical alert device or a phone but recognizing the merit and usefulness of both. Each is designed for two very different types of communication, and it's why every household has room for both smartphone and medical alert device.

Give America's fastest-growing medical alert company a try, and you'll find the peace of mind addicting. Our trained operators are ready to bring affordable peace of mind to your family with no contracts or hidden fees.