Does Your Loved One Need A Medical Alert Device?

It can be a difficult conversation to bring up, but Life Protect 24/7 has the solution for both keeping you safe and maintaining your independence.

When Is A Good Time?

Many people value their independence, which means talking about it with older family members isn't any easier. Fortunately, Life Protect 24/7 offers solutions that preserve independent living preferences, as opposed to opting for live-in care or assisted living facilities. Keeping this in mind, here are a few ways you can tell if an alert device is right for your loved ones.

Recently Fell

Recently involved in a fall, or noticed a decrease in balance over the years? It might be time to invest in an alert device. As we age, our bones grow weaker and more likely to break, especially during a fall. A serious break on a hip or leg can leave a person unable to move or call for help, but with Life Protect 24/7, our operators are ready to send help the moment you signal.

Increased Theft or Crime In Area

Have local crime statistics grown in your area? Our operators can dispatch more than just fire or paramedics to your home if you're in danger. Neighborhoods don't always grow for the better, and the once quaint suburb you grew up in might not be the same as it was 20 years ago. Check with your local law enforcement for crime statistics in your area, and if moving someplace safer isn't an option consider adding a Life Protect 24/7 alert pendant instead.

At Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke

Heart attacks and strokes are serious medical emergencies where minutes can make the difference between life and death. Not only does your risk increase with age, but also with each attack survived. Of course, diet and exercise can lower these risks, but they take time to implement and reap benefit from. Having peace of mind in the meantime is one of the many reasons we offer flexible month to month payment options for all our products -- and you can cancel anytime.


Isolation doesn't just refer to social connection, it can also refer to how far away someone lives. Consider family, friends, or neighbors and their proximity. If these resources are distant or rarely seen, a monitor is a smart backup plan. This issue can particularly affect large property owners beyond city limits, but rural areas aren't immune either. An alert monitor removes much of that uncertainty and offers peace of mind in exchange.

Medications That Cause Dizziness

Would you believe us if we told you pressing a single button in your pocket is easier than dialing 911 on a phone when you're dizzy or faint? Medicines often come with side effects, and dizziness is a popular one. This disorientation can lead to a loss of balance and increase fall risk, so it might be time to review any prescriptions and warnings.

Nervous System Illness

Some nervous system disorders like Epilepsy or diseases like Multiple Sclerosis can cause involuntary muscle spasms, intense pain, or numbness that can make calling for help impossible without a medical alert button. A serious illness can strike when you least expect it, which is all the more reason to protect your life with life protect.

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