Firefighter Heroics Capture Rescue of Three Children on Helmet Camera

When it’s too dangerous for the many, those select few brave enough to respond stand ready and waiting for the call to action. For the Fresno Fire Department, helmet cam footage from one of their firefighters offers a great example to this fact. A YouTube video uploaded by the Fresno Bee shows the heroics of the team that rushed into the smoking building to save all three children trapped by the fire. Check out the video in full below.

Throughout the video, it’s clearly difficult to see with all the smoke inside the apartment. In spite of how dark and disorienting the fire made things, it didn’t prevent the firefighters from locating those trapped inside. According to the article written by the Fresno Bee covering the incident, all three children survived the incident with only minutes to spare. Had the fire department arrived only a handful of minutes later, officials stated the children would have likely died.

To the Fresno Fire Department, job well-done once again, for responding in the nick of time to save the day. The source of the fire was yet to be determined but believed to be faulty electrical equipment. The mother of the three children was arrested for child abuse, after it was later discovered they were left unattended and locked inside the apartment while she went to the store.

Remember, it only takes moments for a fire to start and spread. Never leave young children unattended or unsupervised like this, even for a short period time. Just because we have firefighters trained in our community doesn’t mean we have to test their response times like this in life or death scenarios.