Firefighter with Go-Pro Camera Rescues Kitten from Burning Building

When a building catches fire, sometimes you don’t have the time to remember to grab everything.  Animals can panic too, and will often hide if they don’t know how to escape. Such an instance unfolded in Fresno back in 2013, when firefighters responded to a building fire.  One fireman had a Go-Pro camera on his person while inside the smoke-filled building and recorded his efforts to rescue a kitten that had fallen victim to the fire.

The kitten had became trapped inside, and eventually fell unconscious due to the smoke.  After the fire was extinguished, firefighter Cory Calanick spotted the motionless cat.  He gently rushed the animal outside to fresh air, giving it oxygen from a respirator mask and cold water to help cool it off.  Miraculously, the kitten revived and was later taken to a veterinary hospital to be treated from smoke inhalation.  

Just another example of the exemplary work done by emergency responders in our communities.  Pets are family too, and it looks like the Fresno Fire Department knows this.  Great work by the firefighters on this one, keep it up!