Life Protect 24/7 Lockbox Helps Paramedics Get to You When Seconds Count

When someone needs medical attention, few obstacles will prevent a paramedic from reaching that person. Your front door shouldn’t be one of them.

When moments are sparse, the last thing you want is a locked door in between you and the people trying to save your life. Maybe you’ll get lucky and have a team of paramedics who know how to breach a door. Perhaps the fire department will arrive to the scene first and be ready to force entry if the medics can’t get in.

Is that a risk you want to take? At least it’s not as dangerous as leaving your doors unlocked at all times for emergency preparedness. That’s why life protect is now offering LockBox solutions as a way to allow first responders into your locked home without tearing down your front door.

LockBox Features Include:

  • Durable design made from solid steel
  • Reprogrammable four-digit code
  • Weather resistant design for all types of weather
  • introspective design resists external tampering.

Simply place the key in your LockBox, and notify us of your four-digit code. In an emergency, we’ll notify first responders of your LockBox so they can get to you without costing a small fortune in door repairs.

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We’re always planning for the unexpected. That’s the Life Protect difference.