With No Time to Act, This Officer Does the Incredible

Officer Chase Miller, overhearing the 911 dispatcher call, realized he was closer than the coming ambulance. He raced to the scene and began administering CPR before paramedics arrived.


Because of his calm, decisive actions and timely response, the boy started breathing on his own again shortly after Miller began CPR. He was later taken by paramedics to the local hospital where he made a full recovery.

So what happened after?

Shortly after the boy made a full recovery, Officer Miller met with the family, who thanked him for saving the boy’s life. Granbury Mayor Nin Hulett awarded Officer Miller with a special lifesaving award for his heroics as well. We as a society should be grateful to have such brave men and women in our communities; who are ready to answer when we call for help. Officer Miller is a prime example of this, and we applaud his heroism!