Your Friendly Neighborhood UPS Delivery Driver Is Also A Surprise Fireman

UPS drivers are an extremely elusive bunch, especially on patios and front doors. Known for their ninja-level sneaking and uncanny ability to speed from a front door to delivery truck in no time at all, to catch a UPS delivery person at a front door is a near impossible task. It won’t be getting any easier either, with an increasing number of vehicles in the UPS fleet becoming electric .As if they weren’t silent enough before, now we won’t even be able to hear them pull up to the curb as a forewarning. Illusive, indeed.

Unless your patio and front door are on fire. Then they’ll probably put the fire out for you, before handing you a box and extracting a signature.

Meet Paul Pereira, a UPS deliveryman who was delivering packages in a Massachusetts neighborhood when he saw the front door and patio of a nearby household on billowing flames and smoke. With the occupants still inside assuming that it was a neighbor’s barbecue, Pereira sprang into action, running to the front door and knocking on it, as most delivery drivers do. But instead of dropping a package and bolting back to the truck faster than humanly possible, Paul warned the residents, evacuating them from the home safely.

As if that wasn’t enough, the brown-clad hero proceeded to use the garden hose to extinguish the flames. By the time firefighters showed up, most of the fire had already been put out. (Your move, fire department.) Actions like this certainly add credit to the phrase “What can brown do for you?” We just have one question: This guy got a raise or promotion, right?