Advice and Resources for Caregivers

There’s a point in time for many families where parents and children switch roles, and we find ourselves caring for the ones who raised and cared for us. If you’re planning to become a caretaker, the following tips are sure to help you out.


Life gets harder as we age. This can lead people to become withdrawn, angry, or sad. Reassure loved ones by offering understanding and comfort while discussing these topics. Life doesn’t get any easier by ignoring what makes it a burden, so make time to have an adult conversation about end of life fears and difficulties.

Start A Conversation Early About Caregiving

Don’t be afraid to talk about these issues sooner rather than later. If your parent ignores the issue or claims to be in good enough health to not discuss it, set an agreed upon age to talk about it later. At the very least, later is better than not talking about it at all.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Support

The following websites may help:

Keep A Journal

Keep a journal that keeps track of your day to day caretaking. If you’re feeling extroverted and creative, try making a vlog channel of your caretaker experiences to share with others. Plenty of video sharing sites exist or try sending them to us, perhaps we’ll share your caregiving experiences with the Life Protect 24/7 community.

Have A Fallback Plan

Establishing a caretaker system for aging family members isn’t always a smooth process. Sometimes additional help, like nursing or medical assistance, is needed. Living in close proximity to one another can prove stressful too; it may be that you realize aging in place is a better option so everyone can have their space.

Have A Second Fallback Plan

Murphy’s Law teaches us that no plan survives contact with reality, so have a plan C ready for when plan B inevitably replaces plan A.

Practice Self-Care

Just because you’re taking care of someone else doesn’t mean you need to be around 24/7/365 and at the expense of your own needs. Don’t burn yourself out -- take some time to yourself, decompress and unwind regularly, and your sanity will thank you for it in the long run.

Let Technology Help

Last but certainly not least, consider a Life Protect 24/7 alert system for the times you’re not around. Whether it's a quick trip to the store or weekend getaway, your entire family will benefit from the extra peace of mind, and you won’t feel pressured to always be present in your caregiving role.

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