Convincing Your Dad to Use a Medical Alert Device

It’s not uncommon for dads to refuse help, here are some useful tips for overcoming objections and persuading family members to use a medical alert system

There's No Such Thing As An Easy Argument

When trying to convince, it's important to recognize that persuasion rarely deals in the realm of silver bullets. Effective persuasion often requires careful applications of emotion, credibility, fact, and even some ingenuity. This is especially true when dealing with our parents.

Our dads never asked for directions either when we were growing up, but that doesn't mean convincing him to buy a medical alert device for his home is an impossible cause.

For many dads, independence not only means living on your own but also without any assistance. In his eyes, it's an admission of inability, a difficult topic to do when aging. It's a source of pride for many men, but the following tips should help you convince an aging father that a Life Protect medical alert device is their best interest for living safely, longer.

Because independence is important, start by pointing out how an alert device will preserve freedom, not limit it. Aging in place is becoming an increasingly popular option with seniors, made possible because help will still be present when the family isn't. The last thing any parent wants to do is worry their children, so show him how much relief a mobile alert device would bring.

Peer group support

You won't have the same impact in persuading your parents that their friends will. Peer groups are extremely influential to our personal beliefs and changing attitudes. Try asking some of his friends for opinions on approaching your dad, or if they agree with what you're doing, see if they'll talk to him personally.


Quid Pro Quo is often the way things work in life, so if your dad is of the “what's in it for me?” persuasion then it's time to head to the negotiating table. Listen to their needs and concerns, and try to see from their perspective what they're asking for. Some things might be unreasonable, but if it's a small price to pay, a compromise can equal progress.

Talk About Death

Talking about it won't change the fact that we're all getting older. Eating veggies and wearing sunscreen will only delay the inevitable, not prevent it. It's an incredibly difficult topic to confront, and those among us with a passive attitude towards dying probably need to take a closer look at their own mortality as a result.

Denial can manifest itself in a variety of forms, including stubbornness, rude behavior, or even depression. Talking about these difficult topics with family reminds us we are not alone in life, and that fear doesn't have to rule us until the very end.

Give Us A Try – Quit No Questions Asked

Sometimes compromise comes in the form of a trial run to see how a Life Protect system works. We offer pay per month, upfront terms that allow you to opt out whenever you want, though we doubt you will after seeing how easy and non-intrusive our products are. Life Protect 24/7 is America's fastest growing medical alert network, so Give Us a Call Today at 1-844-203-5617.