Watch These Firefighters Breach a Fortified Commercial Entry in a Minute

When someone thinks about breaching a door, images of SWAT teams ramming indoors or military squads kicking through an entryway come to mind. But they’re not the only groups that need to force entry into a building when circumstances dictate. Door breaching doesn’t always mean you’re coming for the bad guys, and firefighters are a prime example of this fact.

This YouTube video by Irons and Ladders, an online resource for fire departments, shows one method for breaching a heavy duty commercial entrance.

Instead of using, they use heavy duty pry bars The firemen in the video starts by identifying how the door is secured, and then they go to work hitting vital areas to weaken the door, communicating when to strike with the axe and when to pry with the irons.

In a little over a minute the door gives way to the duo. It goes to show that with training and practice, no door is safe, even fortified entries like this door. The flip side, however, is that the door was completely ruined, and a minute spent trying to rescue someone is still a minute lost. Check out our secure lockboxes that allow first responders entry to your residence without wasting time or damaging property. They’ll be grateful for the effort saved, and you’ll be grateful for the time saved.