What Happens When You Press That Button For Help?

Calling for help is as simple as the click of a button.

Your call button is water and shock resistant, so you keep it on you at all times. And thank goodness too, because you just slipped in the shower and can’t get up to grab your phone and dial for help.

We get these calls on a daily basis. We dispatch assistance immediately and stay with you on the line for the entire time, but what happens on our end when you call for help? Here’s a simplified look at how we operate when you’re in need of assistance.

When you first press that button, our emergency representatives will contact you through a speaker either on your base station or through the embedded microphone and speaker in your pendant/wristband.

Even if you’re unable to communicate, when the emergency button is pressed, we immediately dispatch first responders to your location.

We’re able to do this a couple different ways, depending on your product. If you call us through a base station, we use the address you have on file with us and relay that information to first responders. For mobile unit users, we rely on the cell phone networks to pinpoint your location.

If you have any additional instructions for us to follow, (like notifying a spouse or relative that you’ve been in an accident) we perform those actions next once help is on the way.

Now that you know how our medical alert systems work, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have to get you set up with your own medical monitoring device. Or, if you have a loved one who still prefers to live alone we can discuss whether or not a monitoring device is the best choice for them. Contact us today to get started!